This time around

Can I count on you this time?
Will you stay with me forever?
Could we hold each other?
Will u be fighting on my side?
Till the battle is over.
Can we travel together?
And fall in love all over.
If I roled over at night,
Would your arms be there to hold me.

                  Or will you dash out the door?                When we fall out of love,                                                     when the tides are high ,                                                          when the wind is wild                                                   when the bough breaks                                          Will just up and Leave?                                    Leave because it is easy?
To leave than to face the fears
Than face and deal with them endlessly
Staying strong through the good and bad
So I ask again,
Can I count on you this time?


Mulu neh



What if today was my last?
if tomorrow never happens?
What if all that is meant for tomorrow never comes

If my world ended now?
And I never got the chance to ever again
Breathe, beat or blink

What would be my greatest regret?
Would it be the thinks I left undone?                      Or the things I did do well enough?          Would it be my shattered dreams

Did I make the best of Life?
Would I have done better.
Will I struggle to stay longer?                          Shall a smile of fulfilment be upon my countenance?
or will cold tears blind my eyes?
Or fear crowd my judgement

what awaits me?
will I be devoured in misery?
would it ever be the same again?
is there a chance of greater pleasure?
or would it be in extreme pain?
will it be bleak and senseless?

how would it be like;
to crossover to another life?
to leave one behind and move on forever

what of those I left behind?                                and of those I will travel along side?
and of those I meet on arrival?
if only today is discontinued from tomorrow

Am I prepared for the journey?
do I qualify to make it through
will I be blessed with companions

what if I never make tomorrow
shall it break hearts and weaken souls
or will my exit be met with glares and cast

maybe I will bask in a true friends warm embrace
Will he pat me gentle and erase my fears
Could it be a bed of roses after all

Or I would wander into darkness unending
Where only the deafening wails of my kind
Serves as both welcome and painful promises
How prepared am I today
That If tomorrow never really showed up
Would it be the beginning or the end

Mulu Neh Lydia.

The afterlife

The afterlife
I am lost in total despair
As I await to cross the threshold
In extreme regret ,I swear
As right before me it all unfolds
What a life of waste
That I spend in my taste

Vanity upon vanity it is
A life spend in supposed ease
And all my wasted years
Behold, is now my greatest fear
for all I counted as gain
Now I consider in vain

Who is to blame
For the years spend seeking fame
Eternity spreads out unendingly
In both ways
But it is my past life
In making the choice
That Leaves me with nothing to claim

Here I stand in extreme fear
For all my wasted years
The shame too heavy to bear
For the life I lead was in vain
It is too late to make amends
And in tears I cross the threshold

Mulu neh lydia

21years old.


Too early to be the end,
too tender comprehend                           And all believed and trusted,
Unminding of is own cost.
Unaware of the evil mind’s thoughts
Unprepared for unforgiveness

Five was the age,
And oh! what joy, a sibling to face,
When all were so far away.
Still unaware of cruel’s plans,
Or even of being led by the devil’s fan.
Planting unforgiveness

From school in the scorging sun
And extreme were it’s burns
Even more exciting were the lies to hear
And thoughtless was the child to fear
Not until the energy lorged
And the helpless child couldn’t dodge
Leaving unforgiveness

Rushing to see with no delay
And unexpectedly asked to lay
Then the unhappenable
Leaving pains unbearable
More dreaded than a fall
But worst of all
He left the scares of unforgiveness

Mulu Neh Lydia

Aged 15.


listen to the silence
open the ears of your soul
listen keenly and you would hear,
the whispers of stillness.
It is so loud, don’t say you cant hear.
Listen to the heart beats of others,
Or to the silence of their lack,
Notice their absence,
Weep for our terrible losses
So what has become of us
Where are our brothers
Why are we comfortable in their absence
And the silence is deafening
Once upon a lifetime,
We shared cried and laughed together
Not anymore ,why how when did things change
Or brothers became friends,
Friends became aquintances,
Aquintances became enemies.
We are now all alone…..
In a world of so many
Who are we now
How long we this carry on
Silence cries on,louder this time
But we no longer care
Emptiness is taking over ,and fear creeps in,
Yet we don’t notice their absence
Listen to your soul
And the emptiness of your heart
Then maybe ,just maybe you would hear,
Hear the silence left by our brothers who are gone
Please listen again and again
And don’t say we don’t hear
For not hearing makes us less than animals
For even animals here the cries of their kind
But we do not lend a helping hand to our brothers
Who are we
What has become of us
Listen to the silence of our loss
And weep for the absence of our friends.

By mulu neh Lydia
16 years